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martes, 4 de diciembre de 2012

New Kingdom Hall opens on Old Kings

November 28



A new Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses was dedicated last week on Old Kings Road North.

The new hall is the second building on the Old Kings Road property and hosts three congregations: two English-speaking congregations from Palm Coast and a Haitian Creole congregation.

Building No. 2 joins another hall which was dedicated in 2007, and is home to an English congregation from Flagler Beach, as well as a Portuguese and Russian congregations.

The new site is an addition to a Kingdom Hall on White View, which is home to three more congregations: Spanish, Central West and Pine Grove English speakers. That site was built in 1987.

“We’re more than 1,000 strong active in ministry (in Flagler County),” said Bill Carpenter, an elder. “It grew very quickly, and some of it has to do with it’s a very different worship.”

The land for the new building was bought two years ago, and the construction project, which started in March, was completed in September.

Volunteers, for the most part, did the land clearing, building and landscaping. Other Witnesses came from East Central Florida to lend their support.

Carpenter also believes that the congregation has grown large because times are tough, and people need comfort and encouragement.

“The vision is that Bible education is the key to the problems that we’re facing in the world today,” Carpenter said. “We feel strongly that the Our Father Prayer, The Lord’s Prayer, reveals the solution to the problems — when people pray for God’s Kingdom to come and for God’s work to be done here, as it is in heaven. That’s the main focus of our evangelism work. We are not there to convert people. We want to educate them on what the Bible says.”

The elders believe that with their congregations growing at a record pace in Flagler County, another expansion will be needed in the near future.

“We’re going to keep seeing growth and will try to fill whatever need spiritually there is, in Palm Coast,” said elder George Kastroulis.

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