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viernes, 8 de junio de 2012

Cornwall a 'supportive' host for Witness conventions


Sunday, June 3, 2012 8:08:56 EDT PM


CORNWALL - Thousands of Jehovah's Witnesses gathered in Cornwall this weekend, packing into the civic complex and cheering on new members who were baptized on Saturday.

More than 3,800 people were in attendance for the second day of the annual convention, which brings Witnesses from across Eastern Ontario and Quebec.

Twenty-six of them were baptized - ranging in age from 11 to 79 - signaling their official membership in the faith.

As Don Hill, a speaker from Ottawa, explained it, the act was like a wedding vow: a promise to be loyal and true - but to God rather than a marriage partner.

"You're dedicating yourself to a person," he told the candidates before they took turns in a pool next to the stage in the complex arena. "...You're about to take on Jehovah's name."

Wayne Gratton, a member of the Cornwall congregation of Witnesses, said the baptisms are always a highlight of the convention.

"It doesn't mean they become religious fanatics," he said. "But they try to live their lives as close to the Bible's standard as they can."

This is the 16th year the convention has been hosted in Cornwall, bringing thousands of people over four weekends in June.

"We try to keep it central," said Gratton, explaining why they don't opt for a larger centre like Ottawa and Toronto for the annual event. "We try to keep our conventions small."

He said since the religion is supported by donations rather than compulsory giving, they also wanted a location that made the most fiscal sense. In addition, Gratton said Cornwall has always been a kind host and very supportive.

"When you find a place that's happy to have you, you stay."

The convention will continue each weekend this month.

Sessions on Sunday mornings are especially geared to the public.


Witnesses seek buyer for empty Dumbo lots


Another day brings another piece of news regarding Jehovah’s Witnesses vast New York City property portfolio. Crain’s reported the group has commissioned Cushman & Wakefield to find a buyer for three adjacent development sites in Dumbo. The parcels, at 173 and 177 Front streets and 200 Water Street, are 30,463 square feet but can be built up to 150,000 square feet for residential, commercial or hotel developments.


The Front Street addresses are vacant lots, while 200 Water Street, which like the other addresses is between Jay and Bridge streets, has a three-story warehouse structure.


The land is the first empty lot the Witnesses have brought to the market. Previous properties to come online, including one that hit the market last week in the East Village, have housed existing buildings. The Witnesses also recently saw their former 161 Columbia Heights hit the rental market and their former Bossert Hotel be the subject of conversion plans. [Crain's]

Jehovah's Witnesses gather in Nanaimo for annual convention


May 30, 2012 10:00 AM


Thousands of Jehovah’s Witnesses will gather in Nanaimo this weekend to celebrate and share their faith.

An estimated 3,200 Jehovah’s Witnesses – from Nanaimo to Port Hardy and Powell River – will attend the annual district convention held at Frank Crane Arena from Friday to Sunday (June 1-3).

The Nanaimo convention is being held in conjunction with other gatherings across Canada and around the world. In Canada, there will be 51 conventions in 21 cities, with an estimated 175,000 people expected to attend. Attendance is free.

“Everyone is welcome to come out and attend any session,” said Leif Rosvold, Nanaimo district convention spokesman.

This year’s theme is safeguard your heart and various symposium discussions held throughout the convention will discuss how protecting one’s figurative heart can enhance the quality of their lives and preserve the prospects for life in the future.

“The spiritual heart, symbolic heart, we feel it is very important,” said Rosvold. “The Bible talks a lot about it – to safeguard your heart.”

Morning sessions begin each day at 9:20 a.m. The Friday afternoon session starts at 1:50 p.m., Saturday’s begins at 1:35 p.m. and Sunday’s is 1:25 p.m.

Just like taking care of your health through exercise and proper nutrition, people also have to ensure they have a 'good spiritual diet', Rosvold said.

The Saturday discussion will examine a number of issues dealing with the theme: Do just as you have resolved in your heart. Saturday’s events also include a morning baptism session. Sunday features further discussions on the convention’s theme and includes a live play in the afternoon. The play depicts four young people as they come to grips with the question what is true love?

The mid- and north-Island congregations are also working on the construction of a Kingdom Hall in Nanaimo on Old Victoria Road. Sidewalks and curbs are being constructed and work on the building is expected to begin in September.

The project will be completed by volunteer labour from members of the mid- and north-Island congregations.

For more information, please go to

Preliminary plat for former Jehovah Witness Hall approved




The Houston County Board of Adjustment (BOA) and Planning Commission boards met on May 24.

BOA members unanimously approved a variance of 10 ft. for Josh and Jonah Ross of Hokah Township to meet a required 50-foot building setback from the east property line of a two-acre lot.

Zoning administrator Bob Scanlan said the variance was needed in order to build a pole shed.

Scanlan said that neighboring property owners and the township were informed of the variance application, and nobody had called in to challenge the measure.



Preliminary plat approved


Following the BOA, the Planning Commission held a hearing to review a preliminary plat for Josh Ross, who holds an enforceable option to buy the former Jehovah's Witness Hall in section 12 of Union Township.

Commissioners first looked at the site in March when they recommended approval of an application to rezone the 2-1/2 acre tract from agricultural to residential as a one-lot subdivision.

The county board approved the re-zone on April 3.

Scanlan reported that after review, the only change made to the preliminary plat was an adjustment to the right of way as recommended by MnDOT.

The lot lies west of Hokah along State Hwy. 44.

"There's six or seven offices I sent it to, and nobody commented on it," Scanlan said.

The county surveyor will not review the document until the final plat comes through.

After review of the findings (statutes), the commissioners recommended approval to the County Board of Commissioners for their June 5 meeting.

Potential subdivision reviewed

Scanlan brought a potential two-lot subdivision to commissioners for discussion.

Property owner Brad Jilek of rural Caledonia asked members for an opinion prior to filing an application, Scanlan said.

The only issue with the building site is that Jilek was proposing a shared driveway for two homes without meeting the construction requirements for such an access.

Scanlan said that the ordinance for subdivision streets, even if for just two lots, requires pavement complete with curbs.

Commissioners agreed with that assessment.

"He's just going to have to come up with a way to work with MnDOT on getting an additional driveway in," Scanlan concluded.


Frac sand mine expanding


Scanlan reported that sand mining companies are showing interest in existing quarries in Houston County.

Although new permits are under a temporary moratorium, some existing sand pits are already exporting frac sand, Scanlan told board members.

In the northwestern corner of the county, locally owned and operated Thorson Quarry has submitted an operation and reclamation plan with regards to a conditional use permit originally granted in 1992, Scanlan reported.

He said that the document, which will not need to be reviewed by the planning commission or the county board, outlines the removal of two million yards of frac sand for shipment to Winona with no on-site processing.

"That quarry will tell us a lot," Scanlan said following the meeting. "We'll learn how much they can move in a day or a month. It should give us a handle on how these operations will work."

The quarry will ship the material through Rushford so it will only utilize a mile or two of roads in Houston County. Most of the route will be on state highways, Scanlan noted.


Other issues before the board


In other business, planning board commissioners appointed Dan Griffin to the post of vice chairman, a position that was overlooked at their January meeting.

Commissioners approved 11 zoning permits. They included two new homes with garages, a separate garage, two decks and sheds, a work studio and three agricultural buildings including a calf barn and two grain bins.

West Milford residents attend convention


Friday, June 8, 2012

The Record


Many West Milford residents were among the 4,000 people who attended the "Safeguard Your Heart" district convention of the Jehovah’s Witnesses, which occurred on May 25 to 27, at the Assembly Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses (formerly the Stanley Theater) in Jersey City.


Jamie Wright, a minister from the West Milford congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses, explained that the convention theme "Safeguard Your Heart" was emphasized throughout the program, showing the need to examine and protect one’s own figurative heart. Wright said this can help individuals make wise decisions, improve family life, strengthen their personal relationship with God and find true happiness.


Throughout the United States, there will be 385 conventions in 103 cities. Worldwide, there are over 7,600,000 Witnesses in more than 109,000 congregations.

Judge forces Jehovah's Witness parents to allow transfusion for daughter with cancer


June 01, 2012

DOCTORS made an urgent plea to the Supreme Court yesterday to help save the life of a Jehovah's Witness girl dying of leukaemia.

Justice Richard White ordered the girl, 4, receive treatment, including a blood transfusion to which her parents had objected on religious grounds.

Paediatric oncologist Dr Petra Ritchie, right, said without treatment the girl "will die . . . I would say in weeks".

Dr Ritchie said that the girl, who was diagnosed with cancer of the blood and bone marrow on Monday, had a 90 per cent chance of survival if she received treatment immediately.

Doctors had this week advised she needed a potentially life-saving blood transfusion but her parents objected on religious grounds.

The parents' opposition prompted the hospital to petition the court saying that, without treatment, the girl would die in a matter of weeks.

In emotional scenes yesterday, the girls' father wept as he spoke of his love for his daughter.

But he explained that his family's faith prohibited blood transfusions. "We adhere to strict Bible principles and one of those is to abstain from blood," he said.

"We want the best possible treatment for (her) and the hospital are doing a great job. The only thing we don't consent to is the issue of blood."

The hearing came almost two years after the court made a legal-first ruling to save a boy, 10.

Yesterday Justice White - who also heard the boy's case - said that treatment was in the girl's best interests.

"Without a blood transfusion, there is a very high prospect that (she) will die," he said.

The father told the court that his daughter's illness became known to them about six weeks ago when she reported a sore leg and recorded a temperature.

However, doctors told the family it was a virus and it was not until they took her to hospital on Monday that a diagnosis of leukaemia was formed.

She said the girl was at risk of organ damage to her heart, brain and kidney. Even if the girl survived the leukaemia without a blood transfusion, Dr Ritchie said she could suffer learning difficulties and subtle cognitive and kidney damage.

Todd Golding, for the Woman's and Children's Health Network Inc, said Justice White should interpret the law the way he did in the 2010 case.

"The court is to act in what are the best interests of the child.

"The situation factually, as is clear from the evidence, (the girl) has leukaemia from which she will almost certainly die.

"It is in the submission of the plaintiff that she receive a blood transfusion as soon as possible," he said.

Ken Gluche, for the girl's parents, said his clients "deeply love their child".

"It's not like they are acting with callous disregard for her wellbeing or her future," he said.

"Clearly it's their genuine beliefs, it's something that they've been convinced to accept by anyone else, by the church or other believers."

Robert Croser, for the child, said he had not formally interviewed his client because of her inability to appropriately instruct him. "Nobody on either side of the case wants (the girl) to die," he said.

"Neither (the father) nor his wife and the wider Jehovah's Witness church would treat (the girl) any differently if the court orders she have the blood transfusion."

Justice White handed down his decision immediately.

"I'm satisfied that this is a matter that should be determined urgently because (the girl) suffers from leukaemia and that requires urgent treatment," he said. "I'm satisfied that it is appropriate and indeed necessary for (the girl) to receive a blood transfusion.

"I'm satisfied that there are no alternatives to the provision of a blood transfusion. I'm satisfied that it's in (the girl's) best interest to received the blood transfusion despite her parents' objections.

"Without a blood transfusion there's a very high prospect (the girl) will die and that the provision of a blood transfusion would reduce that prospect markedly," he said.

Jehovah's Witnesses From Alice & Robston To Attend Convention


Jehovah’s Witnesses invite all to attend


“Safeguard Your Heart!” Convention


CORPUS CHRISTI, TEXAS—Jehovah’s Witnesses feel that all, including non-Witnesses, will benefit from the positive message and practical suggestions that will be highlighted at the 2012 “Safeguard Your Heart!” District Convention to be held at the AmericanBank Center Arena.


The Witnesses’ convention program promises a fresh examination of Biblical references to the figurative heart. Through lively discourses, dramatic Bible readings and presentations, and even a live play, program parts will emphasize how protecting the figurative heart will enhance one’s spiritual well-being, family life, and happiness.


Starting this weekend, and continuing for the next couple of weeks, Jehovah’s Witnesses will put forth extra effort to extend a personal invitation to everyone from Alice, Carrizo Springs, Corpus Christi, Del Rio, Devine, Eagle Pass, Hondo, Kingsville, Laredo, Rockport, San Antonio, Sinton, Uvalde and Victoria Texas to attend the convention with them. The first of two three-day events to be held in Corpus Christi will begin Friday, June 22, 2012, at 9:20 a.m. The daily themes and titles of program parts are based on passages of Scripture, including 1 Samuel 16:7, 1 Chronicles 28:9, and Matthew 12:34. The convention theme “Safeguard Your Heart!” is based on Proverbs 4:23. Strengthening one’s spirituality will be the focus of the program.


There is no admission fee. Conventions of Jehovah’s Witnesses are supported entirely by voluntary donations.


Locally, all of the area’s congregations of Jehovah’s Witnesses will be supporting the activity of distributing printed invitations to the convention. An estimated 3,900 will come each day the AmericanBank Center Arena for the Two English Programs, starting June 22-24, 2012 and then August 17-19, 2012 for the Bible-based programs.


Throughout the United States, there will be 385 conventions in 103 cities. Worldwide, there are over 7,600,000 Witnesses in more than 109,000 congregations.


Local Media Contact: Joe Doctor III, News Service, phone 210.259.7115 or email

Jehovah's Witnesses Tap Cushman & Wakefield for DUMBO Development Site’s-Witnesses-Tap-Cushman--Wakefield-for-DUMBO-Development-Site.aspx


June 6, 2012


The Jehovah's Witnesses have retained Cushman & Wakefield to market three contiguous parcels with a lot area totaling 30,463 square feet in Brooklyn's DUMBO neighborhood.

DUMBO's character has made it one of Brooklyn's most popular live/work communities.

The parcels, which are located at 173 Front Street, 177 Front Street and 200 Water Street, can accommodate a new development totaling approximately 150,000 square feet.

200 Water Street includes a three-story, warehouse loft that is located in the DUMBO Historic District. Various uses for the parcels are permitted, including residential, hotel and community.

Cushman & Wakefield, led by Helen Hwang, Nat Rockett, Steve Kohn and Karen Wiedenmann are marketing the development site.

Special Assembly days for Jehovah's Witnesses

07 June, 2012

The third primary entreaty in the Lord’s Prayer is “let your will take place” (Mathews 6:9-10).

This means it would be impossible to fulfil the purpose of our existence without learning and doing the will of Jehovah. During the months of June and July, Jehovah’s Witnesses from all the circuits in Swaziland will have Special Assembly Day programmes that will help Christians to work in harmony with this entreaty. 

Circuits 4 and 3 congregations will meet on Saturday and Sunday at Mayaluka Community Hall in Big-Bend and at Makhonza High School Hall in Nhlangano respectively. On the following weekend, the assemblies will be held in the Hhohho region for Circuit 1A and 1B congregations. On June 16 and 17, these congregations will assembly at Pigg’s Peak, Gobolondlo Hall and at the Mbabane SOS High School Hall respectively. The last Siswati special assembly days will be held in Manzini for congregations in Circuit 2A and 2B, on June 23rd and 24th at Dvokolwako High School Hall and at Malkerns Princess Pholile Hall respectively. This was confirmed by Abednego Dlamini.

Dlamini said the Last Special Day Assembly programme for the year would be presented in the English Language on July 29th at Princess Pholile Hall in Malkerns. Members of the public are invited to attend any assembly convenient to them and attendance is free of charge. 

Key questions that will be answered during the programme are: What is as important as hearing God’s Word? How can we go on perceiving what God’s will is for us? Why do we need to be willing to reach out to all sorts of people? How can we find a rich, satisfying life? Young ones, what do you need to prove to Jehovah? What rewards come from doing God’s will? Why is it urgent that we build up and encourage others? Talks will be given by local elders and by a visiting speaker from the South African branch of the Christian Congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Krugersdorp.

Very soon those who are pursuing their own desires and who refuse to submit to the will of Jehovah will be destroyed (1 John 2:17). “We are therefore thankful that Jehovah has prepared this timely information to help us make the doing of God’s will our priority.” The programme will start at 9:30 a.m. and finish at 4:00 p.m. each day. Members of the public are welcome. Enquiries could be directed to: David Dlamini, Gobolondlo hall (7607 5420); Abednego Dlamini, SOS hall (7603 4608); Martin Fakudze, Malkerns  siSwati (7605 3426); Phillip Mamba, Dvokolwako hall (7627 4315); Wiseman Tfwala, Mayaluka hall (7614 6884); Bheki Dlamini, Makhonza (7612 8437); Michael Matimela, Malkerns English (7612 1006).



Armenian Public TV retracts false statement about Christian group


Sevan - Viewers of the “Haylur” news programs observed this week something rarely presented to the Armenian public: a retraction of false statements made about Jehovah’s Witnesses.

In November 2010, 23-year-old Arman Torosyan, a resident of Sevan, Armenia, allegedly murdered his parents, 64-year-old Khachik Torosyan and 57-year-old Marietta Torosyan, in their apartment.

 When Armenian Public Television reported on the double murder on November 8, 2010, they linked the victim's son to Jehovah's Witnesses, reported ArmeniaNow.

 Many media outlets across the country began reporting the misinformation which soon fueled a public debate and discontent aimed at the religious group.

 In an interview with ArmeniaNow, Tigran Harutyunyan, a press secretary of Jehovah’s Witnesses said, “Besides releasing misinformation, the Public Television in its reports voiced humiliating and insulting expressions against our organization’s members. One of the TV programs encouraged its audience to commit violence against Jehovah’s Witnesses when meeting them, as a result of which our members suffered attacks, brawls and heard bad language in different towns and villages of Armenia."

 The defendant was never one of Jehovah's Witnesses nor were his parents. Also, they were never associated with Jehovah's Witnesses.

 The organization of Jehovah's Witnesses asked the network to cease reporting the false information to no avail and on November 12 the Armenian ombudsman asked the media to stop identifying the defendant as a member of the organization. This request was also ignored.

 Jehovah's Witnesses were left with no other choice but to take legal action. On May 15, 2012 they signed a settlement agreement with Armenian Public Television.

 A press release from the World Headquarters of Jehovah's Witnesses in New York City says, "According to the terms of the signed settlement agreement, the Armenian Public Television station, H1, broadcasted the retraction once during the first 20 minutes of each of their primetime news programs at 5:00 p.m. and at 9:00 p.m. on Tuesday, June 5, 2012. The retraction is also being posted on the media outlet’s official website ([url=], listing it among the top five news stories during the period of June 5, 2012, through June 14, 2012."

 David Semonian, a spokesman at the world headquarters of Jehovah’s Witnesses in New York said, "No one wants false statements broadcast about them, and we are no exception. It is important that the Armenian public hear the truth about Jehovah’s Witnesses, and we are pleased that Armenian Public Television has taken steps to set the matter straight for the viewing public in Armenia.”

Cliftonites speak at Jehovah's Witnesses' convention

Friday, June 8, 2012


Clifton residents Jack Kelly, Jerrold Sameth, Jay Chosy and Shaun Dew were featured speakers on the recently concluded "Safeguard Your Heart!" District Convention of Jehovah's Witnesses that was held from May 25 to 27 in Jersey City at the former Stanley Theater. More than 4,000 persons from northern New Jersey attended the three day program which featured talks, demonstrations, interviews and a live play on how principles found in the Bible when applied can result in a greater measure of happiness in everyday life.



Witnesses see E. Village property sale coming


Updated: May 30, 2012 2:30 p.m.


The Jehovah's Witnesses is unloading another piece of property in the city, this time a Kingdom Hall—a place of worship for the group—in Manhattan's East Village.


The 3,050-square-foot, two-story property located at 67 Avenue C, at 5th Street, is up for grabs, according to Robert Knakal, chairman of Massey Knakal Realty Services, which was retained to market the building on behalf of the Witnesses. There is no asking price on the 24-foot-wide property, which will be listed for sale this week. It is one of the Brooklyn-based religious group's 10 meeting halls. The site is zoned for a residential property of up to 10,000 square feet.


"We have seen tremendous new development in this neighborhood over the past 10 years," said Mr. Knakal, who is working with colleague Michael DeCheser on the listing. "I am sure this property will be highly sought after by smaller residential developers."


A spokesman for the Witnesses could not be reached immediately for comment.


The Witnesses have owned 67 Avenue C for nearly 50 years, according to Public city records show the group taking a $27,000 mortgage out for the property. According to the Witnesses website, there are nine other Kingdom Halls in Manhattan. "This is the first Kingdom Hall in the city that I'm aware of that is for sale," said Mr. Knakal.


Since last year, the group has been slowly putting its properties up for sale in advance of a planned move from its long-time home near the Brooklyn Heights waterfront to upstate New York community of Warwick. Earlier this year, Massey Knakal represented the group in the sale of three of its Brooklyn Heights residential properties for a total of $16.7 million. Two of those properties, 161 Columbia Heights and 50 Orange St., were bought by Sugar Hill Capital Partners and the third, 183 Columbia Heights, was acquired by an investor group that plans to turn the seven-story elevator apartment building into a luxury rental.


The Witnesses still own nearly 30 buildings in Brooklyn Heights comprising a total of roughly 3 million square feet. None of those have yet been put on the block.

Los Salones del Reino


Los Testigos de Jehová se asentaron en Gipuzkoa en los años 50 y están repartidos en una veintena de congregaciones


LA Iglesia de los Testigos de Jehová es una de las confesiones minoritarias con mayor implantación en la CAV. Su origen se remonta a finales de la década de los años 50, cuando varios precursores comenzaron su labor de predicación en Gipuzkoa y Bizkaia. Lo hicieron alrededor de los núcleos urbanos de Donostia y Bilbao.


Durante estas décadas, la implantación de los Testigos de Jehová ha contado con cierta dosis de clandestinidad, algo que comenzó a cambiar a partir de 2006, cuando obtuvieron el reconocimiento de "notorio arraigo" que otorga el Ministerio de Justicia a instancia de la Comisión Asesora de la Libertad Religiosa.


Hasta esa fecha, solo disponían de ese reconocimiento los evangélicos, los musulmanes, judíos y mormones. Posteriormente solo la han obtenido los budistas.


La publicación Pluralidades Latentes. Minorías Religiosas en el País Vasco, recoge que a comienzos de 2010 el número de congregaciones en la CAV ascendía a 61, una veintena de las cuales están en Gipuzkoa, 36 en Bizkaia y cuatro en Álava.


La cifra sobrepasa el número de lugares de culto porque varias congregaciones comparten Salones del Reino. En total, el número de testigos en el País Vasco es de cerca de 5.000 personas.


El perfil de los miembros, según refiere la publicación, "es variado". Tanto en términos socioeconómicos como niveles educativos, presentan unas características muy similares a las de la sociedad vasca en su conjunto.

Los Centelles reclamarán otra demanda ahora van a francia.

En Jujuy: una madre se niega a que su hijo reciba un tratamiento médico que puede salvarle la vida y el padre llevó el caso a la justicia


Jujuy al día® – En nuestra provincia, la madre de un menor negó la realización de un tratamiento medico para su hijo, quien sufre un cáncer de medula,  ya que ambos son Testigos de Jehová, por lo cual, el padre del mismo ha realizado una presentación judicial para que este tratamiento pueda llevarse a cabo.


Fuentes judiciales informaron a JUJUY AL DÍA® que el padre del menor realizó la presentación legal de “protección de persona” en contra de la madre de este, por no permitir que se realicen los tratamientos médicos que podrían salvar su vida, según trascendió, por cuestiones religiosas.


La causa está en manos del Juez Subrogante de la Vocalía 3 de la Sala 1° del Tribual de Familia, Sergio Cau Loureyro, quien solicitó los informes de los servicios interdisciplinarios del Hospital y del Tribunal de Familia, conjuntamente con los informes médicos, y con esos resultados, durante la mañana de hoy, mantendrá una audiencia con ambos padres, para poder resolver la situación.


La presentación del padre fue realizada bajo el patrocinamiento de la doctora Claudia Márquez, mientras que la defensora oficial, doctora Olga Ivacevich, representa a la madre. Cabe resaltar que la madre del menor autorizó en el día de ayer la realización de un estudio de plaquetas para conocer el estado de avance de la enfermedad

¿Por qué los testigos de Jehová no aceptan donaciones de sangre?

Angel Mattiacci, del Servicio de información pública de la Asociación de Testigos de Jehová indicó a INFOnews cuáles son los motivos por los que se prohíbe la transfusión de sangre entre los practicantes de esa religión.



La muerte de Iris Fracalossi, de 35 años, ocurrida hoy y el caso de Pablo Albarracini, que permanece internado desde el 5 de mayo debido a las heridas de bala que recibió durante un robo y ya fue intervenido quirúrgicamente dos veces, generaron un serio debate. Los médicos de la Clínica Bazterrica reconocieron la necesidad de que sea trasfundido de sangre.


La esposa de Albarracini, Romina Carnevale, presentó la declaración firmada por Pablo el 18 de marzo de 2008 y certificada por escribano, donde manifiesta que no acepta transfusiones de sangre por ser testigo de Jehová. Su padre solicitó ante la Corte Suprema de Justicia que se le permita la transfusión y el máximo órgano judicial de la Nación decidió mantener el fallo de la cámara, por lo que el joven no recibirá transfusiones de sangre.


Esta decisión generó distintas opiniones y sustentadas posturas, INFOnews dialogó con Ángel Mattiacci, del Servicio de Información pública de la Asociación de Testigos de Jehová, quien destaca principalmente que “el Testigo acepta todo tratamiento médico y avance científico para sostener la vida, pero la única objeción es la transfusión de sangre”.


“No aceptar la transfusión de sangre viene de un mandato bíblico que está escrito en Hechos de los Apóstoles capítulo 15, versículos 28 y 29”, repasa Mattiacci para agregar: “Acatamos la decisión del concilio cristiano que se celebró en Jerusalén en el primer siglo”


De esta manera cita el versículo 28 que dice: “Hemos decidido el Espíritu Santo y no imponer más cargas que las indispensables”. En tanto refiere al versículo 29: “Abstenerse de lo sacrificado a los ídolos, de la sangre, de los animales estrangulados y de la impureza. Haréis bien en guardaros de estas cosas”. Estas son las bases sobre la que se sustenta la negativa a recibir el tratamiento médico.


“Los Testigos de Jehová no son fanáticos que abandonan y dejan morir a los pacientes, sino que buscan todo tipo de opciones que no sea la transfusión de sangre. Podemos citar un montón de casos en los que se comprobó que a raíz de transfusiones hubo contagios masivos de distintas enfermedades. Lo positivo de las técnicas quirúrgicas sin sangre es que no tiene efectos secundarios y son más seguras”, opinó Mattiacci.


Además destacó que “en cuanto a la parte científica, no creemos en la curación de fe, mágicamente, sino que el Testigo de Jehová va a cualquier hospital, acepta todos los tratamientos y alternativas probadas, eficaces que están dando buenos resultados”, excepto que se le transfunda sangre en base al mencionado principio bíblico.


Ángel Mattiacci en defensa de la religión que profesan más de 7 millones de personas en el mundo se encargó de aclarar que la declaración firmada “es un documento médico, no se habla de plata ni de dejarle las posesiones propias a nadie. Es un documento médico, no un contrato, que cada Testigo de Jehová decide hacerlo o no”.


En relación a otros preceptos que implican prohibiciones entre los Testigos de Jehová, Mattiacci puntualizó que “también se condenan los excesos, como por ejemplo la glotonería, si bien no se prohíbe el alcohol, hay que beberlo moderadamente”. “No se debe ser propenso a la ira. Hay que ser dadivoso, generoso, abierto a las necesidades del otro. Evitar situaciones de estrés, como ver películas violentas, no fumar porque es letal para la salud”, remató.

Testigo de Jehová: "No aceptamos sangre por una razón bíblica"

En diálogo con Radio Vorterix, Juan Carlos Nigro, de la Asociación de Testigos de Jehová, aseguró que la negación a la transfusión “es un mandato que aparece con claridad”.


miércoles, 06 de junio de 2012

El integrante de la Asociación de Testigos de Jehová, Juan Carlos Nigro, aseguró que “no se aceptan transfusiones de sangre por una razón bíblica”


“Es un mandato que aparece con claridad y nosotros nos hemos esforzado por estudiar la Biblia a fondo, agregó, al tiempo que afirmó que “Pablo (Albarracini) se está recuperando muy bien y se ha respetado su conciencia y su libre albedrío”.


En tanto, en Concordia, Iris Fracalossi falleció al negarse a recibir una transfusión de sangre. La joven contrajo neumonía y por consejo de un médico de esa localidad fue trasladada hasta el sanatorio Garat de Concordia, donde luego de estar internada 15 días, murió el 26 de mayo.


El caso que más repercusión tomó en las últimas semanas es el de Pablo Albarracini, el testigo de Jehová que fue baleado en Buenos Aires y que también se niega a recibir sangre por cuestiones religiosas. Según los médicos, su estado de salud es delicado. Fuente:




“No aceptar sangre no es fanatismo irracional”


Guillermo Gómez (en la foto, al centro) es representante de Información Pública de los Testigos de Jehová en San Juan y ayer habló sobre Pablo Albarracini, el hombre que lucha por su vida en Buenos Aires tras ser baleado y del caso de una joven entrerriana que supuestamente murió por negarse a recibir una transfusión de sangre, por precepto del culto. Acompañado por Miguel Ampes, del Comité de Enlace con Hospitales, y Daniel Arias, jefe de Servicio de Hemoterapia y Hematología del Hospital Rawson (quien sin pertenecer al culto brindó aportes sobre los procedimientos médicos que reemplazan la transfusión), Guillermo Gómez aclaró la postura que tienen los Testigos de Jehová.


-¿Por qué no aceptan la transfusión de sangre?


-Es algo que surge de los principios bíblicos. Los textos engloban la abstención de la fornicación, de la idolatría y también de la sangre.


-¿Qué opina sobre el caso de Pablo Albarracini y de la muerte de la mujer entrerriana, supuestamente fallecida por no aceptar una transfusión?


-En este último caso hay mucha desinformación y un mal tratamiento periodístico, al punto que se basan en el testimonio de una vecina para aseverar esto. Esta paciente sufría neumonía bilateral, es decir que tenía los dos pulmones tomados. La persona tenía 18 de hematocritos producto de la infección pulmonar y la transfusión no era su salvación. La muerte no fue por falta de sangre, sino por la infección en los pulmones. En el caso de Pablo Albarracini, sigue evolucionando, sin haber llegado a la transfusión.


-Se dice que los testigos de Jehová están obligados a firmar un documento en el que declaran su negativa a recibir sangre ¿por qué?


-No es de índole obligatoria, es un documento médico como el de cualquier persona que anuncia que es diabética, alérgica o tiene un marcapasos. Nosotros, además de esa información, tenemos un escrito en el que pedimos que respeten nuestra libertad de conciencia. Y lo llevamos siempre a mano por si hay una emergencia.


-¿Cuál es la postura del culto con respecto al suicidio?


-Somos una organización que respeta muchísimo la vida, porque es un don de Dios.


-¿Qué opina entonces sobre quienes comparan que firmar un documento que impide salvar una vida con transfusión de sangre es como firmar un suicidio?


-En absoluto en desacuerdo. Un suicida no buscaría ayuda médica de la forma en la que lo hace un testigo de Jehová. Estamos siempre a disposición de los médicos, tenemos nuestro Comité de Enlace con los hospitales, buscamos los mejores tratamientos. De hecho, los testigos permitimos que se usen técnicas en el que nuestra propia sangre se usa en cirugías, en una especie de circuito cerrado. No nos creemos mártires, lo que queremos es atención médica sin transfusión de sangre, que se utilicen las técnicas que reemplazan este procedimiento. Como siempre dice el doctor Daniel Arias, no hay sangre salvadora de vidas.


-¿Qué le responde a quienes dicen que los testigos de Jehová priorizan la religión sobre la vida, incluso en una situación que ponga en riesgo a sus hijos?


-Que no aceptar sangre en una transfusión no es un fanatismo irracional. Hoy, el concepto de sangre o muerte es prácticamente inexistente por el avance de la medicina. Priorizar conceptos o ideologías trasciende cualquier religión y de hecho, el derecho de anteponer ideales sobre la vida es un derecho socialmente aceptado. Por ejemplo, tienen muy alta estima personas que pusieron en primer lugar su vida desde lo religioso, mientras que en otros ámbitos se los considera héroes. El abolir la capacidad humana de tener el derecho a priorizar ideales sería derrumbar los pilares sobre los cuales la sociedad humana está asentada. Obligarnos a una transfusión de sangre es obligarnos a renunciar a un derecho humano.

La negativa a una transfusión


6 de junio de 2012


La negativa a una transfusión


Una mujer, practicante del culto Testigos de Jehová, falleció al negarse a recibir una transfusión de sangre, según confirmó ayer Alberto Rotman, director del Hospital Garat, de Concordia, en el norte de la provincia de Entre Ríos. La mujer, identificada como Iris Fracalossi, de 35 años, vivía en Villa del Rosario, una localidad rural del nordeste entrerriano de dos mil habitantes, situada casi en el límite con la provincia de Corrientes. La muerte de Fracalossi, que se produjo el pasado 26 de mayo, se dio a conocer ayer en medio de la polémica desatada por el fallo de la Corte Suprema de la Nación, que resolvió el último viernes respetar la decisión de Pablo Albarracini –el joven que pertenece al mismo culto, internado tras ser baleado en un asalto el 5 de mayo pasado– de no recibir una transfusión de sangre debido también a sus creencias religiosas.


La mujer fallecida –según trascendió en algunos medios locales– se negó a ser atendida en primera instancia por un médico de Villa del Rosario, quien le había sugerido internarse. Francalossi no siguió la indicación y, a raíz de ello, su situación empeoró, por lo que tuvo que ser trasladada a la ciudad de Concordia.


Rotman informó que la joven contrajo “neumonía bilateral” y confirmó que por consejo de un médico de su pueblo, primero “fue trasladada hasta un centro asistencial de Chajarí, donde fue tratada en forma ambulatoria porque no quería internarse”. Debido a la complejidad de la enfermedad, la mujer fue trasladada hasta el Hospital Garat, de Concordia, donde quedó internada por disposición de un especialista en neumonología. Su fallecimiento se produjo el 26 de mayo, pero tomó estado público recién ayer. “Cuando llegó, la mujer traía un acta firmada ante escribano público en la que se negaba terminantemente a una transfusión de sangre por principios religiosos”, explicó el profesional.


Asimismo, Rotman relató que la joven “empeoró en 24 horas y tuvo que ser trasladada a terapia intensiva donde, además de comprobarse que estaba anémica, los glóbulos rojos no transportaban la cantidad de oxígeno necesario”.


Ante este cuadro, “se decidió ponerle oxígeno puro a presión y se le hizo el tratamiento que necesitaba”. “Sin embargo, cuando se le dijo que era impostergable realizarle una transfusión de sangre, la paciente se negó varias veces, estando aún lúcida”, agregó el director del centro de salud de Concordia.


“En menos de 48 horas y cuando estaba en terapia intensiva, la paciente falleció ante nuestra desesperación, porque el acta firmada ante un escribano público nos impidió transfundirla”, reconoció el médico, quien estimó que “medio litro de sangre podría haberle salvado su vida”.


Fracalossi era soltera y trabajaba como niñera y empleada doméstica en Villa del Rosario (Departamento de Federación), donde residía y era conocida por todos. “Ella era muy trabajadora y una buena muchacha, pero por sus creencias religiosas se negó a que le hicieran una transfusión de sangre y murió”, expresó Ana, una vecina de la mujer.


La muerte se mantuvo en el más estricto silencio por parte de sus familiares, pero los llamados para que Iris concurriera a sus lugares de trabajo hicieron que finalmente la noticia se difundiera en el pequeño pueblo.


El caso es similar al que tuvo como protagonista a Pablo Albarracini, el hombre de 38 años que debía ser transfundido por pedido de los médicos de la Clínica Bazterrica luego de dos intervenciones quirúrgicas a las que tuvo que ser sometido, por las heridas de bala que recibió durante un robo. Este pedido de los profesionales fue denegado por Romina Carnevale –esposa de Pablo–, quien presentó un documento por el cual su marido dejó asentada su voluntad de no ser transfundido.


Ante esta situación, Jorge Albarracini, padre del joven, se presentó ante la Justicia y logró que el caso llegara a la Corte Suprema. El pasado viernes, el máximo tribunal falló que “no resultaría constitucionalmente justificada una resolución judicial que autorizara a someter a una persona adulta a un tratamiento sanitario en contra de su voluntad, cuando la decisión del individuo hubiera sido dada con pleno discernimiento y no afectara directamente derechos de terceros”.

Se esperan más de 2 mil personas en la Asamblea de Testigos de Jehová en Oberá


viernes 8 junio 2012

El encuentro será mañana sábado y el domingo. Se espera una asistencia de alrededor de 2.200 personas de distintas localidades de Misiones, entre ellas Posadas, Garupá, Candelaria, Santa Ana, Puerto Rico, Montecarlo yJardín América. Entre los temas que se abordarán el día sábado será el discurso “Demos a conocer el nombre de Dios como siervos de tiempo completo”, en el cual se analizará la importancia de la predicación para dar a conocer las cualidades supremas de Dios. Otro tema que los afecta personalmente con la serie de discursos, “No ensuciemos el nombre de Dios”.




Los seres humanos nos diferenciamos unos de otros por un nombre. Y en general cuidamos nuestro nombre o fama.  En el caso de nuestro Creador tiene un nombre y resulta celoso en santificarlo de tanto oprobio que ha recibido por siglos. De esto va a tratar la próxima asamblea de Circuito del año 2012 de los Testigos de Jehová, y está tomado de la oración modelo, muy conocida como el padre nuestro (Mateo 6:9).


Entre los temas que se abordarán el día sábado será el discurso “Demos a conocer el nombre de Dios como siervos de tiempo completo” donde se analizará la importancia de la predicación para dar a conocer las cualidades supremas de Dios. Otro tema nos afecta personalmente con la serie de discursos “No ensuciemos el nombre de Dios”.


El programa comenzará el sábado a las 09:40 Hs. Y a las 11:30 se dará el Discurso de Dedicación y Bautismo de aquellos que llegan a ser los nuevos ministros,  luego de un discurso que recalca lo  solemne y lo sagrado del compromiso de hacer la voluntad de Dios con integridad y lealtad. Concluirá el programa a las 16:00Hs.


El día domingo el programa comenzará a las 9:40 Hs. Con una serie de cuatro discursos en la que se explicará cómo podemos santificar el nombre de Dios por medio de nuestros pensamientos, forma de hablar, decisiones, y conducta y por la tarde desde las 13:40 presentará el discurso público titulado: “Jehová santificará su gran nombre en Armagedón”. La asamblea concluirá a las 15:30 Hs.


Se espera una asistencia de alrededor de 2.200 personas de distintas localidades de Misiones, entre estas: Posadas, Garupá, Candelaria, Santa Ana, Puerto Rico Montecarlo – Jardín América


La entrada es libre,  gratuita, no se hacen colectas y se  invita al público en general al evento que se realizará en la ciudad de Oberá en el municipio de Guaraní, zona conocida como Villa Svea Sección “C” Lote 18.


Todos aquellos que puedan acceder a esta invitación se beneficiarán de una excelente instrucción bíblica junto con la edificante compañía de personas que buscan de agradar a Dios.


(Para más información ver sitio oficial: )


Walter Peralta                 Teléfono: 376- 154640144           mail:


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