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lunes, 17 de diciembre de 2012

More than 800 on Coffs Coast to witness baptism

15th Dec 2012

More than 800 Jehovah's Witnesses will assemble in Coffs

Harbour on Sunday to celebrate the baptism of six new worshippers



ONE of the biggest annual celebrations for Mid North Coast Jehovah's Witnesses takes place at Coffs Harbour Racecourse on Sunday.

Around 800 Witnesses living between Macksville and Maclean will gather to celebrate the baptism of six new worshippers around noon.

The event's media coordinator, Frank Redward, said the baptism is something followers treat as a very special occasion.

"We can expect to see families sitting peacefully together," he said.

"Everybody will be very well-dressed with women and girls in dresses and men and youths in suits and ties.

"All the talks, demonstrations and interviews for the day are built around the theme of holding a good conscience."

A significant feature in all gatherings is the focus on family groups and the high representation of young people.

The centre will be set up as a large auditorium and the baptism will take place downstairs in a specially prepared pool.

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