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sábado, 21 de enero de 2012

Planes para el centro de los Testigos de Jehová en New Addington

Lunes, 16 de enero 2012

DETAILED plans have been put forward to rebuild a religious base in the town.

An application was submitted to Croydon Council last month to demolish a number of existing buildings to make way for an improved base for Jehovah's Witnesses in New Addington.

The proposal, submitted on December 23 and registered on January 3, includes partial demolition of the existing buildings on Pioneer Place in Featherbed Lane, with the erection of replacement buildings which will include ancillary facilities.

A consultation period on the plans for the former Greenfield School site has now started, and finishes on February 2.

Details on the Croydon Council website say a final decision on whether or not to grant permission will be made by April 3.

A total of 28 neighbours surrounding the area have been consulted for their opinions on the plans but it appears none have made any complaints. The application site is located in the Metropolitan Green Belt and currently comprises a number of single and two-storey "pavilion style" buildings.

The site is owned and has been used as the main centre for Jehovah's Witnesses in the Croydon area since it was bought from the council back in 1987.

The applicant, named online as Steve Hunting, has stated the proposal will "increase and enhance" the open space of the Green Belt by removing poor quality buildings and replacing them with new planting and soft-landscaped areas.

In his letter to planning inspectors, it states: "The proposed scheme will safeguard the visual amenities and openness of the site in accordance with Green Belt objectives.

"These plans will preserve and enhance the openness of the Green Belt and overall site in this location."

To view the application visit and type in planning reference 11/03662/RES.

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