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sábado, 21 de enero de 2012

Los testigos de Jehová se somete a cirugía sin sangre

American Jehovah's witnesses undergoes bloodless surgery
PTI | 05:01 PM,Jan 14,2012

Bangalore, Jan 14 (PTI) Seventy-four-year-old Jack Jones from the United States has become the first American Jehovah’s witnesses to undergo a coronary artery bypass grafting surgery in India without blood transfusion, doctors at a heart hospital where the procedure was conducted, claimed today. Jehovah’s witnesses as a group of religious people do not believe in blood transfusion. They strongly believe in the philosophy that blood belonging to another human being cannot be used even to save the patient’s life. In the process modern surgeries on Jehovah’s witnesses pose a significant challenge to the medical community. Narayana Hrudayalaya, one of the country's leading super speciality hospitals, has been practicing bloodless surgery on the heart for many years and has operated on many Jehovah’s witnesses in the past. However, Jones is the first American Jehovah’s witnesses to undergo a bypass grafting surgery in India, a team of doctors who operated upon him, told reporters here. "I am happy with the surgery", Jones, who lives in New York, said of the December 29 procedure. Dr. Praveen Kumar said the hospital had given commitment to Jones that blood would not be transfused, even in worst case. But Jehovah's witnesses do accept several alternatives to blood transfusion. "Even if the situation is grave and the patient is dying, we are not supposed to transfuse blood. That's where the challenge is", he said. Doctors Rajesh T R, Sharad Damodar and Madhu Prakash were other members of the team who performed the surgery. PTI RS MSR VS

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