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martes, 22 de noviembre de 2011

Volunteers put their faith to work

ST. CLAIR -- Years of waiting are coming to fruition for the members of the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses in St. Clair.

Volunteers have been working since Nov. 18 to build a new meeting hall at 6268 Fred Moore Highway -- something members said they've been waiting for since 2005.

The 108-member congregation outgrew their former space at 6177 Fred Moore Highway -- which was sold in June. Since then, members have been meeting in the Kingdom Hall in Richmond.

Bob Davis of Clay Township, who has been a member since 1976, has helped build numerous Kingdom Halls throughout the state.

"They're all excited," he said of the St. Clair congregation's mood toward the new hall.

Work has been progressing rapidly. Each hall's construction is overseen by a regional building committee and is built using all-volunteer labor.

"A lot of us have skills that are put to work when the job starts," Davis said.

Nearly 300 volunteers from across the region have put up the hall's walls, roof and interior drywall. Work on the plumbing has started, and much of the electrical and insulation work, as well as the installation of the exterior brick façade, has been done. Construction should be done by mid-December.

"We're running against time with the weather," Davis said.

Al Wallace, a building committee member, said the new hall will be about 4,000 square feet -- including an auditorium with seating for 200 people, a multipurpose room and an office.

Wallace said Kingdom Halls are built by volunteers because of the nature of their religion.

"The main reason is the love for our God, Jehovah -- and love for our brothers," he said. "Everyone gets along and works together."

Wallace said 84 new Kingdom Halls were built in the United States last year.

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