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lunes, 19 de diciembre de 2011

Concejal discrimina a los Testigos de Jehová?



DAILY GRINDER: Councilwoman Discriminates Against Jehovah’s Witness?


Jehovah’s Witness and former Councilwoman Jannie Blackwell assistant Tyeisha Boulware has filed a federal lawsuit against the city of Philadelphia and City Council for unlawful religious discrimination. Boulware claims being a Jehovah’s Witness barred her from wearing a Christmas-themed sweater to a holiday party and voting. Blackwell didn’t like that, or other things, the suit alleges, and really just didn’t understand the religion in question, not one bit. Money quote: “Blackwell then whispered something to [nonparty] Sandy Hayes, who proceeded to tell plaintiff, ‘If you don’t put the shirt on, this is going to be your job.’” So, more flair?


Council sessions for 2011 are over, as are the careers of many members, including President Anna Verna, Joan Krajewski, Frank DiCicco, Frank Rizzo, Jr., Jack Kelly and Donna Reed Miller. Of those leaving their old job behind, Verna unsurprisingly leads in cash on hand, with $183,572 in her campaign account. She plans to remain a ward leader, so please don’t worry. She’ll find that cash a home.


PW reporter Michael Alan Goldberg was at the Dauphin County Courthouse in Harrisburg on Friday live-tweeting the preliminary hearing to determine whether Penn State athletic director Tim Curley and retired PSU vice president Gary Schultz should go to trial on perjury and failure to report charges. If you missed that, check out his report of the day in court here.


Back in January, a gas leak explosion leveled a Northeast Philly building and killed one Philadelphia Gas Works employee. Now, regulators claiming PGW didn’t follow procedures prior to the explosion (the 19-year-old worker who was killed wasn’t trained to deal with emergencies) are looking to fine the utility $500,000.


Rick Santorum’s still, still, still running for president and his family still, still, still lives in Iowa. (Thanks, Dad!) His campaign is pushing this “consistent conservative” thing. Their latest “We won the debate” email said this: “The consistent conservative up on that stage tonight is the one who has a plan to bring back more manufacturing jobs to our nation and get more middle class workers back to work with less regulation and lower taxes.” Manufacturing jobs!


Every bicyclist’s pretend friend (he said nice things about bikes a couple times) Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood was in town last week to present funds—$10 million to be exact—to the city of Philadelphia for SEPTA traffic controllers on Bustleton, Castor and Woodland Avenues, which will allegedly help buses stay on schedule.


Pennsylvania Sens. Bob Casey and Pat Toomey are really getting their bipartisan on, lately! First it was infinite detention language and ‘yea’ votes on every version of the controversial National Defense Authorization Act that came their way. Now, it’s the payroll taxbreak/jobless benefits/Keystone XL pipeline deal. The Keystone XL pipeline is a system that will transport crude oil from Alberta, Canada to several refineries and other oil hubs in the United States. It’s been criticized by hippies, praised by pro-money capitalists, you get the idea.


Oh, and the duo also wrote a bill which would create three distinct medals honoring those killed on 9/11 at the three U.S. sites. It’s expected to pass—but imagine, for a moment, if it didn’t.


XFINITY Live! is opening April 5th. Awesome, I think?


And then he died. North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il, that is.

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