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viernes, 21 de junio de 2013

Hundreds of volunteers complete Kingdom Hall


June 11, 2013


NINE hundred volunteers and 8000 hours of labour later, the Leeton Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses building has been completed.

The old building, located in Parkview, has been torn down, with a new one now standing in its place.

It took nine weeks from day dot to remove the former place of worship and construct a new one, with volunteers from across the state donating their time to ensure the job was finished on time.

Co-ordinator Nathan Zammit said the new hall was a testament to those that had given their time to help.

"It's quite fantastic to have all of that help from volunteers, as well as getting it done on target," he said.

"As Jehovah's Witnesses we enjoy having contact with each other, so getting the opportunity to meet new people from across the state that were all working towards one thing was really great.

"Having 900 different people volunteer their time was just amazing ... they came from places like Tamworth, the Central Coast, Merimbula and Griffith."

The former hall was constructed in 1961, with the Leeton Jehovah's Witnesses organisation believing now was a good time to reinvent the building.

The new building features a library, small kitchenette and stage, and is bigger than its predecessor.

"Our neighbours were also a really big help ... some have commended us on the work and others have helped out, which was really nice," Mr Zammit said.

The building had its final council inspection on Friday, followed by another by a Jehovah's Witnesses state committee that oversees similar projects, before being open for its first day of worship on Sunday.

An open day will be held in the coming weeks for residents to attend and take a tour through the building.


THE rebuilt Leeton Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses in Parkview.

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