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miércoles, 4 de julio de 2012

Work begins on new Bible education center


LEXINGTON – Hundreds of people from across the state and South Dakota will be making their way to Lexington over the next few months.


They are gathering to help build Kingdom Hall, a new Bible education center for Jehovah’s Witnesses. Rick Lenz, one of the volunteers said when the building is completed, which is expected on Sept. 16, it will be quite the sight.


“It’s the culmination of months of organization,” said Lenz, one of the volunteers.


The organization for the new building started several months ago and volunteers broke ground last week on the project near 20th and Adams Street. So far volunteers have been busy raising the foundation to above the flood level, putting in footings, doing rebar work and prepping for the parking lot.


That’s just the beginning.


Volunteers will be working extended weekends from now until the beginning of September, when nearly 500 volunteers are expected to gather to finish out the building.


The building is expected to be complete on Sept.16. One of the unique things about the building it is will be built almost entirely by volunteers. All of those who work on the building have donated their time, and a majority of the equipment used in the process has also been donated.


Lenz said the new building will be able to educate close to 100 members who regularly attend the congregation’s Sunday meetings.


“It’s where we preach the King’s news,” he said.


The building will replace the old building for the Jehovah’s Witnesses on north Taylor Street, which the congregation has out grown according to Lenz.

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