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martes, 1 de octubre de 2013

Jehovah's bear Witness in Bendigo

ABOUT 3000 Jehovah’s Witness delegates descended on Bendigo on Friday for their annual convention.
People have travelled from Albury-Wodonga, Portland and Swan Hill for the three-day district convention.
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Organising committee member Peter Verrion said the Bendigo convention was one of 23 to be held across Australia.

He said this year’s theme was, “God’s Word is Truth”.
“It is about reminding us all, that god’s word is the bible and that is the truth,” Mr Verrion said.
“If we base our lives on the bible then we have some good guidance of what we need to do in these times.”
The event is held at the Bendigo Stadium with several talks, interviews, demonstrations and plays held across the weekend.
Mr Verrion said community members were invited to the event.
“Most people that come along to the convention are baptised Jehovah’s Witness’ but there will be a few people here that have never come before,” he said. “It is all about Jehovah’s Witnesses and what we believe.”






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