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martes, 11 de junio de 2013

Jehovah's Witnesses hold convention at the Aud


KITCHENER — The local Jehovah's Witnesses community is holding the first of seven conventions at the Kitchener Memorial Auditorium this weekend.


The event is part of a worldwide network of conventions the faith community hosts annually. This year, the theme is "God's Word is Truth," which focuses on how the bible can assist individuals and families coping with the daily challenges of modern life.


The conventions, which began Friday, will run every weekend until July 19. One of the seven weekends is hosted in Spanish and the rest are in English.


Delegates will be travelling from the Greater Toronto Area and as far as Owen Sound and Fort Erie.


Volunteers will be stationed throughout the region in the days leading up to each convention with printed invitations for the public to attend. For more information, visit the Jehovah's Witnesses website and search for details under the conventions page.



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