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martes, 4 de diciembre de 2012

Jehovah's Witnesses Miami International Airport bus crash: Worshippers headed to West Palm Beach


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WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. -- The bus involved in a deadly crash on Saturday that killed two and injured several others was on its way to West Palm Beach for a religious convention.

Packed inside the Jehovah's Witness Christian Convention Center on Palm Beach Lakes Boulevard, more than 2,500 worshippers stood next to each other praying for those impacted by Saturday's wreck.

"I thought about them. I called people I know who were related and friends and they were in my prayers and in my thoughts," said Anjulie Vargus, a Miami Jehovah's Witness attending the service.

Vargus, like many of the Jehovah's Witness ministers, traveled from Miami to be together with whom she calls her "brothers and sisters." Member of all 21 attending congregations carried the void of their loss on Saturday both in their heads and in their hearts.

"You don't expect anything bad to go, to happen when coming here, it's a joyful event. But like I said, it's a terrible situation and we're here for them," said Richard Rubi, a Miami Jehovah's Witness elder.

Rubi joined other church elders who rushed down to Miami to help after the services.

Not far behind them, hundreds of worshippers who boarded similar buses for their journey home.

"We know that it was an accident and accidents happen. But we are very sure that we are going to get home safe," said Vargus.

Church leaders said Saturday evening there are no plans to cancel the events schedule for Sunday's religious convention.

Most worshippers said they are not worried and plan to come back on Sunday, many traveling by bus.

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