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martes, 11 de septiembre de 2012

Goddard attends Jehovah's Witness Circuit Assembly



GILLETTE, Wyo. - "Safeguard Your Mind" was the theme of the annual Circuit Assembly of Jehovah's Witnesses held Sept 1-2 at the Cam-Plex Event. Congregations from the Black Hills area and eastern Wyoming were represented in the more than 750 in attendance.


The program was under the direction of Jeff Rudell, circuit overseer for the Black Hills area. Rudell spoke on the subject, “Meditation That Safeguards the Mind.” Rudell showed the importance of taking in accurate knowledge and meditating on it so that it becomes a permanent part of a Christian’s personality.


Joe Lemming Jr., district supervisor for a five-state area presented several talks including the topic, “Who Molds Your Thinking?” Although the ‘no one tells me what to think’ slogans may be popular, Lemming showed the folly of such a life course.


Participating from Hot Springs was Randy Goddard who opened the Sunday morning session with prayer.


Meetings continue this week at the Kingdom Hall, located south of Hot Springs.

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