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sábado, 21 de julio de 2012

Jehovah's Witness Convention brings in more money and people than Water Follies!

The biggest event of the year is in full swing! No, not the water follies - the Annual Jehovah's Witness Convention! Attendance isn't the only big number: The CCJW convention is expected to generate almost 9 and a half million dollars in sales revenue for the area! Water Follies rakes in just 2.25 million. 
How much does the city actually see? Sales tax is 8.3 % but most of that goes to the state. The City of Kennewick only sees .85 percent!! So just 80,000 dollars out of 9 and half million. The BIGGEST financial impact is for our local businesses and the people they employ.
The events at the Toyota Center are free and go from about 9-5 each day. The convention will run for three more weekends -- bringing dollars and visitors each time.

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