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jueves, 16 de junio de 2011

MEDOLE (MN) - Jehovah's Witnesses announce the start of their 2011


“Let God's Kingdom Come!” three-day conventions and warmly invite all to attend. The first of these conventions in Italy begins on June 17 at the assembly hall in Medole (MN) All sessions of the convention are open to the public and are free. The program for this convention will be entirely in English. The expected attendance is of around 2,000 people and participants will arrive from all northern Italy. The program will begin every day at 9:20 a.m.. Highlights of the program will be the dramas ( audio drama on Friday, modern dram on Saturday and costume drama on Sunday), baptism will be on Saturday at noon and the public address on Sunday morning will answer the question “ Will humans ruin the earth'”.

Starting from early 90's all over Northern Italy there has been an increase of English speaking congregations of Jehovah's Witnesses. Up to that time there were only two English congregations in Vicenza and Pordenone established for the presence of local American communities. Later on the immigration of thousands fro West Africa ( in particular from Ghana, Nigeria, Liberia) has moved some mother tongue to move to Italy from England and America and also a consistent group of Italian Witnesses have learned English to help immigrants. All over Northern Italy there are now 40 English congregations of Jehovah's Witnesses attended by more then 1,500 persons.

The meetings held in the Kingdom Halls are
marked by a spirit of brotherhood among all present, regardless of their social and racial status and nationality or culture. Italians and foreigners sit next to each other, peacefully united in praying prayer and study of the Bible, evidence of a complete integration of different cultures. A special work to help foreigners is also done inside prisons, where people are usually emarginated from society, through weekly Bible lessons to help people to be reintegrated.

This is the case of a Nigerian mother girl who held in a special prison in Milan with her three years old daughter. In 2009 a Bible study was started with this woman and the knowledge and the application of Bible principles have had a deep impact on her life. The change in her personality has stirred the personnel in the prison to endeavour to help mother and daughter to leave the prison and find a suitable accommodation. In the case of this woman true are the words of Jesus: “You will know the truth and the truth will set you free”.

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